Know of any good trauma/burn books? Know of any good trauma/burn books? | allnurses

Know of any good trauma/burn books?

  1. 0 I am about to transfer to my hospital's(which is a level 1 trauma center) trauma/burn ICU. I've been a nurse for 2 years in a surgical ICU stepdown unit so I was wondering if anyone could give suggestions on books about trauma/burn or critical care in general. It's going to be a little of an adjustment dealing with those patients. Prefereably something not very wordy and easy to understand. Thanks!
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    Read Burn Unit: Saving Lives After the Flames by Barbara Ravage. I read this when I was in clinicals at the University of Iowa Burn Unit and it is absolutely FANTASTIC if you want a background on burn care and how much it has evolved over the years. Otherwise, my unit has a great orientation book with tons of information in it. Good luck and I hope you love it. I loved working the burn unit, especially the tub room where we cleaned the wounds. I know that not a lot of people liked that area, but it was great because you really got to see how well the patients would heal. Plus, it felt like I got to work with all the patients instead of only a few.
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    I love that book! Made me add burn nurse to possible dream specialties
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    Burn units are amazing places. I'd love to work at Shriners in Cincinnati, or another strict burn unit. I worked for a little bit at the University of Iowa in their burn unit but the commute became prohibitive. I miss that place like crazy because I loved the tub room where a LOT of the wound care took place.I work trauma now and still volunteer to take the burn patients we get.
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    "Total Burn Care" is a great book for learning more about the burn process and wound care. Its a little pricey, but I personally think it is worth it. It has some great pictures and goes more in depth with burn patho and complications. Great investment.