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Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you wish to discuss other topics... Read More

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    Hello everyone,
    I am a pre-nursing student. I think that this is a great idea.:spin:

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    glad to be back after a sabatical. went back to hospital nursing; missed patient care
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    BSN at the U of A on the Hill. Where we talk about getting rid of Nutt as much as we do Therapeutic Communications.
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    Hi, I am a CNA from Blytheville, AR. I recently moved back to my home town from the hick town of Hardy, AR. Looks like you guys have things really going for you all. I am a night cna I work at a local hospital in the psychiatry unit. So good luck to all of you guys
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    Hello you guys!!!! Im in the Northeasten part of the state and i am currently getting ready to take the NET test and the ASSET test so that i can apply to the LPN program here in my town. I would like to know some of my fellow arkansans' experiences with these 2 tests and i would also like to know how much and LPN can make in Arkansas. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Hi all! I am currently an LPN in New York State. Will be moving to your lovely state in August. What is the average hrly wage or salary for an LPN in your state in an LTC setting? Thanks for any input.
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    I am a graduaute RN from Upstate NY considering moving to MArion AR. My husband has a job opportunity in Memphis.
    What hospitals are closest to Marion?? Would I be better off looking in Memphis to work??
    I have a 2yr & 4yr old, and would like to stay out of the inner city.
    My father in law lives in Tuckerman AR, and thinks we are better off movin to AR than TN.
    Any info would be helpful
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    Hi, all! I'm an accelerated, 2nd-degree BSN student in Arkansas. Nice to meet everyone!
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    Hey everybody! My name is Julie, I just graduated from the LPN prgram at Baptist and will start back to the LPN to RN on Jan. 5, 09. I work at AR Children's in the NICU and LOVE it!! I worked at Baptist for five months before starting school in Orthopedics/Med-surg, it was fun but not for me! Lot's of learning experiences though! I go to school 5 days a week and work weekend nights! UGH!! AND I have two wonderful boys and an awesome hubby to take care of!! Busy busy! Anyway I look forward to meeting some new people on here! Good luck to all, in the new year and life!!
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    Just curious how it's going for you and the stress of family, work and full-time school. I went to Baptist for LPN with no job and I couldn't give much time to my kids then. Now I have an additional child who is 2 yrs old and have to go back to work. I want to fast-track also. I still have 4 sciences and an english class to complete first. I've heard that Baptist has changed their program somewhat and is it true you can now get an associate degree along with pell grant there now? Also the LPN program used to be about 2-3 days a week the first 5-6 months and then the last 6-7 months 5 days a week due to all the clinicals. Has that changed?

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