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hey there - I've been at UCA studying Sociology for the last 4 semesters, but since the summer I've been thinking about doing nursing instead. I think I'm going to apply to UALR's ADN program here in the next week and a half... Read More

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    That's a great idea. I live just outside of Cabot, so I could easily meet up there. We will have to keep each other updated. I am a little nervous about A & P, but I think I will do fine. Good luck to you as well!!

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    Sound good. We can't post professors names on here, but if you want to send me a pm or email and tell me who you have for A&P 1. I've had one of them and worked for both so I might can give you some insight.
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    i am taking a&p II at night at UALR right now and I really like my teacher; i had him for the first course. he also teaches med students at UAMS and is very knowledgable.

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