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    Just curious if there is anyone on the site applying this fall for summer 2009 entry to the BSN program at UAMS in Arkansas? Just wondering how many of you are out there...

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    Guess I'm the only one on here now that is planning to go next summer. Are you working now? Are you going to be going to their BSN program or are you already an LPN? I will be starting from stratch as I haven't worked in the medical field before.
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    I'm working now, but nothing nursing related. I'm working at Starbucks. I'm finishing up my last few pre-req's this upcoming fall and spring semester. I'm applying to the BSN program. I'm so scared that I won't get in after hearing how competitive the program is. I'm just ready to start the nursing program already. It seems like I've been working towards getting into nursing school forever!
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    Where are you taking your pre-reqs? I finished mine but I'm going to help with the A &P II lab at ASU Beebe( I live in Cabot). I'm really wishing I had started the program this summer. All this sitting around is making me anxious. I do have a good friend who is in the program now so I'm getting a lot of good info about what to expect. I have also heard that they accepted GPA's down to 2.5 I find that hard to believe but that is what I heard.
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    Wow, I can't believe that they accept GPAs down to 2.5. I would have never thought that they would accept lower than like a 3.2 or something. My GPA isn't all that high, so I'm hoping it's high enough to get in (it's a 3.5). I have only been here in the state of Arkansas since June 2007, so I've only taken a few pre-req's at UALR. All my other pre-req's were taken at a college back in Sacramento, CA. Is your friend saying the program is really difficult so far?
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    From what I have heard I don't think you will have a problem getting in. They have information sessions where you can go talk to their recruiter and bring your transcripts. There is one this Thursday (the 31st) that I'm going to. The details are on their web site.
    My friend said that it is not so much that it is hard but just an awful lot of information and stress. Evidently they keep adding things in this summer to the program and that has caused a lot of stress.
    Do you like UALR? I have other friends considering going there for their nursing program. I didn't look at UALR because I know I want to go on and get a Masters so I need the BSN to start off with.
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    UALR has been ok. I've only taken English and Math so far through UALR so far and they have been extremely easy. This fall I am taking a Chemistry course, so I will really be able to determine how hard/easy UALR is after that. I haven't looked into the UALR nursing program either because I too want a bachelors.
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    I went to the info session on Thursday. It was not really much (if any) new information. Most of what we went over is on their web site. They did go over everyone's transcripts and see what people still needed and that was useful. PM if you have any questions.
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    Hello AFwifey,

    My name is Dawn and I too am an AF wife and have applied for the nursing program at UAMS for the summer of 2009. I am really excited to find out if I made it into the program or not. We can be on pins and needles together. Currently I am in FL, but I will be moving back to Ar. in May.

    Good Luck!
    Dawn L.
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    I applied to the summer BSN program at UAMS and was wondering when we will find out if we are accepted?

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