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Just curious if there is anyone on the site applying this fall for summer 2009 entry to the BSN program at UAMS in Arkansas? :D Just wondering how many of you are out there...... Read More

  1. by   hallcrest
    my friend nate got his acceptance letter today, but i know of a couple other applicants who didn't yet...including myself! i'm hoping they send em out in rounds!!
  2. by   BSNWANNABE
    Hey Barry,

    What is your friends GPA? Compared to the others?

  3. by   AirForceWifey
    You said for the school in Clovis you needed to take like three more courses. I was just wondering what courses those were. Their website isn't too clear (at least for me). I know I would still need to take the health assistant course, and I just found out today the interpersonal communication course (i've taken public speaking, but they don't want that). I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something. I'm probably leaning more towards going to NM with my husband... Even though I really would love to go to UAMS!
  4. by   BSNWANNABE
    Hey Stacy,

    I can't remember, it may be a general Biology. I know their web-site is horrible, very unorganized. I understand that you would want to go with him. All of my family is in Arkansas so it will be easier for me, plus we will have less than 2 years once he signs in to the new squadron.

    I wish you luck no matter what you do. Does your husband know Sgt Walsh? I added you on my myspace. Keep me posted.

  5. by   BSNWANNABE
    Carol Ann, Stacy, Barry,

    I got it today!!! YAY! It is exciting.

  6. by   booklovinrn
    Congrats!! I'm happy for you!
  7. by   BSNWANNABE
    Carol Ann,

    Thank you soooo much!! Please keep me updated on what you decide! It would be great to go through this journey with you.

  8. by   NewPICURN
    Hey Everyone,

    It's been a long time since I posted around here! Hey CAMeadors! Hows it goin? I got my acceptance letter from UAMS on Wednesday and returned it yesterday with my deposit. (They sure are in a hurry to get my money!) and no payment plan! I'm excited though. If anyone is on Facebook, a friend of mine started a facebook group for our class. It's called UAMS - College of Nursing Class of 2011! I'm bummed you're not gonna be with us CA. I thought when I added up all of their estimated costs that it was more like 12,000. Are you sure you didn't add in graduation costs twice or add in the summer masters level classes for honors?

  9. by   BSNWANNABE
    Hi Arkansas travler,

    It is Dawn, I am going to facebook now to see if I can find our class! It seems so weird to say "our class" YAY!! I am sure I am not making much sense but I am just so excited that I can't help myself.

  10. by   booklovinrn
    Hey Ben It's good to see you back on here. I just readded the costs and came up with about 15000, including books and all. If you have better info let me know. I was all set to go to UALR-they have an accelerated option that will let me finish a semester earlier (in the fall) instead of the spring, that is also an advantage. I got to admit its getting harder to stick to that decision with having the acceptance letter and hearing everyone getting all excited so I'm starting to rethink.
    If you have better info on the costs, let me know-that might change my mind. . .
  11. by   BSNWANNABE
    Really? YAY!