UAMS Summer 2009 Acceptances!

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    I got my letter of admission today! Did anyone else get theirs? Still holding out for UAM in Monticello if I get in there, but still, it is great not to have to worry about getting into a BSN program anymore.

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    Congratulations!!! I got mine, too!!! I am soooo excited, not looking forward to an hour and a half commute though . May have to consider moving closer to LR.
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    Congrats!!! Several of us got letters but they are listed under the other UAMS thread.
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    I'll be there too!! congratulations!
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    i am still waiting! arrrr. I turned my application in after the deadline, so I think I am being punished!!! Several of my friends who I am in classes with at UALR now have been accepted - four that I can think of currently. I hope I'll get a letter this week...being the only one I know still waiting is driving me batty!
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    Has anyone heard anything back after sending in their money? I don't know if we are going to get some type of confirmation or not?
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    i dunno but i did get my acceptance so i'll see you guys in may!
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    I haven't got anything back.. However, some useful information I do have!

    1. Booklist is required by law to be posted on the website by noon April 1st.
    (check either through the new summer 09 BSN admits page that has a link to a booklist page or check the bookstore webpage.)

    2. The Scholarship committee meets one of the last weeks in April and they hope to be sending out award letters on May 1st.
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    I guess they missed that book deadline. All this waiting is making me crazy.

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