1. 0 Hi all
    I am new to the site I currently reside in Michigan I am planning on transferring to UAMS. I wanted to know if you have to take the NET to get into the program and also is it hard to get in. I am also open to any alternative schools and other advice.
    Thank you in advance.
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    You don't have to take an entrance exan to get in, however before the program starts you take a pre-entrance HESI , but it just supposed to be a predictor to see how well you will do in the program-it doesn't affect if you get in or not. I don't know anything about transfering in, but I have a friend currently in the program, who knows several people who got in last year with a 2.5 average. I think it changes year to year but it sounds like one of the easier programs to get into.
    Hope that helps.

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