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    I am still finishing up my pre-reqs before I apply to UAMS, but Im very nervous about the outcome. I was hoping to hear from those of you who applied to UAMS this year. I want to hear from those who were accepted and denied. I dont know if my GPA is high enough. I also want to know about the TEAS test. I dont know what to expect because I dont know anyone who actually attended or has been accepted into the program. PLEASE give me some feedback I want to try and get some peace of mind!

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  3. by   booklovinrn
    I am just getting to graduate from UAMS in a couple of weeks. It has been a long road. I can't tell you much about acceptance criteria because it seems to vary a lot from year to year. The year I got in they pretty much took everyone above a 2.5 Last year I heard they only took about half as many an the cutoff was somewhere around 3.0 or 3.1 When I got in we didn't have to take an exam before we applied so i don't know. Sorry I don't have a lot of info but feel free to ask any questions.
  4. by   bmblandford
    Congratulations on your success, I know you had to work very hard to get there! My biggest fear about gpa comes because I had a friend apply with a 2.9 and was not accepted. Mine is a little higher than hers but I'm still scared it will not be high enough. Also I have searched all over the schools website for curriculum once you are accepted but can't find it is there anywhere to look at that, or could you tell me something about it?
  5. by   booklovinrn
    There used to be a nursing brochure that you could download that had the curriculum in it but I don't see it anywhere on there to be downloaded. You ought to go ahead and get the informational packet that they talk about under future students. That will probably have it in it too. They are talking about changing it but here is the way mine went. First summer. Health assessment, fundamentals 1. Fall Fundamentals 2 and either OB, Peds or Psych and another course (I'm not sure cause I was in the honors and took something else) Spring, Ob, Peds or Psych (whichever you didn't take) and professionalism. Fall senior year either Adult health, Leadership managment and something else or Community health and older adult and another course. Then spring you have whatever you didn't have in the fall and complex health. Hope that helps it sounds pretty confusing.
    It is hard to predict if you will get in based on the GPA, it just depends on how many apply and how many they are going to take. Good luck to you!