1. I am going to be attending Southern Arkansas University in the fall for ADN nursing. I am thinking about commuting back and forth, does anyone have any idea which days you have to go actually work in the clinic? How early and what are the hours? How many days a week are the clinical for each level? Please Help!
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  3. by   ritsko
    Hi, i am considering attending for the fall. I don't know about the clinical days but did u also apply for the bsn program or do you know anything about the bsn program. I am also undecided about commuting but am leaning more toward not commuting.
  4. by   frances_SAU
    OMG! You sound just like me. I am so undecided myself. I did go to the school for a campus tour on Monday and I learned a lot more about the program and I got to talk to the directors. After talking to them, I learned that comuting is possible because a lot of their student commute back and forth from shreveport to magnolia but most of their successful student live on campus. Plus, some clinical days you have to work 9hrs a day twice a week for 8 1/2 weeks of the semester. Therefore, the first half of the semester is lecture 3 times a week and the second half is lecuture 3 times a week plus clinical. Basically, school everyday. I think I am going to comute the first half and stay on campus the second half of the semester.
  5. by   ritsko
    Five days a week is a lot of driving. I had made plans to turn in my housing info next Friday, I guess now I will definitely move there for Monday thru Friday. Thanks
  6. by   frances_SAU
    i will be doing so also...and ur welcome