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    The economy is making me rethink my options. I was planning to go to UAMS starting this summer (In fact, I've already applied), but now I'm thinking about trying to get in the work force as soon as possible. I was looking at UALR's accelerated program and I wondered if anyone here has gone through that. It would get me finished one semester sooner. I'm also having a hard time comparing costs but it appears that UALR is a little cheaper than UAMS.

    Does anyone have any info about the acclerated traditional option at UALR? Do you think you get enough experience?

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    I graduated from that program. It is very good. Tough, but good.
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    Thanks for the response. Did you do the accelerated track? How many of your class that started with you finished the program? Did you feel it was a fair program? I don't mind hard, as long as it is fair.
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    I graduated from UALR's accelerated program and thought it was fair. It's the same as the traditional option, except you don't get a summer break, so you graduate in December instead of May. This will make finding a job MUCH easier, also.

    Hard to say how many we lost. Traditional and accelerated start together, then the accelerated group just keeps going in the summer, with 35-40 students. We graduated probably 30 or so of the 35(?) that started. We lost a couple for lecture grades and a couple for clinical points, and one for doing something just incredibly stupid.

    The program is intense and seems LONG, but I'm so glad I did it. I was out in the workforce making money 6 months before my traditional program counterparts. Now the hospital I work for will pay for my BSN; I think it's worth it.
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    Hi newbie here!! lol I just heard about the UALR program so I'll be applying all after the fact.... >_<
    Honestly I was taking my classes so I could apply for UAMS next year but I'm not going to lie I want to get in the workforce sooner b/c of my family situation and get my BSN at UAMS...
    Is getting into the RN to BSN program as tough as the Traditional BSN program? I know that is in the FUTURE lol, but it never hurts to ask...just to know...

    and if anyone can tell me about their personal experiences at UALR feel free to PM me b/c I would love to hear it good or bad....

    something else struck me today....Why doesn't the UALR program require you to take the NET? That was a little strange when I went to the office on Monday to get the information b/c even Baptist requires that if I'm not mistaken....should I take it anyways?
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    The UALR program, it turns out, does require you to take the NET. I wondered about that, too. It's taken during the N1300 class. You have to pass this class to get unconditional admission to the RN program and the NET is the last step in the class. It's not mentioned anywhere in the Nursing info on the website, but it's in the syllabus for the pass/fail nursing skills class.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hey from a new guy. I'm thining about doing the whole nursing thing. I was, at one time, a paramedic (still an EMT), and I'm ready to learn more and have more practice opportunities so I'll be getting back into healthcare. I see you all are into this acclerated track stuff. That's what I would like to do since I already have a B.S. that includes most prereqs except like nutrition. The problem I'm seeing with all these programs is that they all start at different times of year. It's hard to keep straight to find when to apply. Any thoughts or advice as a whole or specifically on this UALR program?
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    Seems like most of them want your application by January or February of each year. I looked at a lot of programs before I applied and UALR was the best for me b/c I could get in and out the quickest. I have a degree already, but it's in English so I had a lot of science classes to take and I could do that while completing the nursing curriculum. A lot of people with prior BS degrees seem to favor the UAMS program. They all seem like good schools so find the place you're happiest. Good luck!
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    Is there a quicky UAMS program I don't know about?? I've seen the generic, honors and like BSN/MSN deal. I really don't see why this can't all be smashed into 12 months. I remember nursing majors in college that had a lot of down time between clinicals and seemingly short classes.

    Oh, I had to add, I called there one day about their stuff and the recruiter was just about useless.
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    I went back and forth trying to decide between UALR and UAMS. I also already have a degree. I will start at UAMS this summer (actually in a couple of weeks.) UAMS does not have an accelerated program, but they do have an honors program. If you get in the honors program some of the courses you take will earn you graduate credit and when you graduate with your BSN you will have 10 hours toward your Masters. ( I'm not sure if the grad hours are transferable-they may only count at UAMS)

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