Phillips Comm. College -- anyone attended nursing school there?

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    I plan to apply at first the NA program next summer and then the ADN in the fall 2010 at the DeWitt campus. Anyone have any experience there?

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    i'm starting at the Stuttgart campus in two weeks! i thought DeWitt was every other Spring? are they changing that? i took a ton of classes at the DeWitt campus while i was in high school and really loved it...and everything i've heard about the nursing program has been good.
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    DeWitt is every other Fall, as I understand it. Stuttgart in odd years, DeWitt in even years.

    I'm still trying to prepare myself for the move to Almyra, actually. I moved to Hot Springs from Los Angeles 4 years ago...but this is an even bigger change for me! But I'm excited, for sure.

    Thanks for the feedback! And good luck with your program.
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    wow....LA to Almyra. Haha...what brings you here? I actually live in DeWitt but am going to school in Stuttgart to speed things up....I didn't want to wait another year. My husband and I would love to live in Hot Springs...its really pretty there.
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    Family and the need for some change brought me to Hot Springs back in 2005. I do love it here and plan to visit often. My fiance works in Stuttgart and lives in Almyra during the week but is here on the weekends -- so it's time soon to join the households up and it makes more sense for us (my son and I) to move there for a few years.

    I'm finishing up prereq's in Hot Springs and will probably make my way out there about April/May of next year.
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    Makes sense. It's nice around here, other than the mosquitoes! Good luck to you and your family!
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    Good luck to you too this fall!
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    Hey guys! I am so glad that someone started this thread... now I can ask questions!!! LOL! Okay! Which campus can I apply for the spring 2010? I am applying for the helena west helena campus for the fall 2010.
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    There won't be a Spring 2010. Stuttgart is Fall 2009, DeWitt should be Spring 2011 (but they may be changing, lkames said they are that would be Fall 2010), and I'm not sure about it every fall? Do you live closest to Helena? Is that why you are doing their program?
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    Yes Helena is every fall! I live in memphis, tn and it's like an 1 1/2 away! I don't know about the other campuses!

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