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I plan to apply at first the NA program next summer and then the ADN in the fall 2010 at the DeWitt campus. Anyone have any experience there?... Read More

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    According to their website (

    "[FONT=MyriadPro-Regular]Students are admitted to the HWH campus every year, DeWitt campus on even years, and Stuttgart campus on odd years."

    Applications are due on June 1 for the following fall. Therefore, Stuttgart is starting this fall, DeWitt in fall of 2010 and you would need to apply in winter/spring of 2009.

    This is only my understanding, but I did email with the head of the program with some questions about my courses that need to be transferred and she said to let her know when I finished my pre-req's this fall so she could send me the nursing application in January for fall 2010 at DeWitt.

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    oh girl you don't want to go to the other campuses! you are looking at 2.5-3 hours! one of my best friends lives in memphis and it is a TRIP!
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    Oh yeah, it's definitely too far to commute from Memphis to the others. HWH admits ever fall, though. What about community colleges in Memphis, too?
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    Well southwest requires you to have a 100 on the nln exam and I got an 86! So I wont be able to take again until 6 months!
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    I attended PCCUA a few years ago at the Helena campus. After talking to students from other schools I can say PCCUA is a lot tougher then the others but in their defense I can say I learned a lot more then those other students. They have excellent instructors who are with you in clinicals instead of some other schools that cut you loose to do clinicals on your own.
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    I am in Nursing school at PCCUA right now. In my 3rd semester. Having a little trouble with remembering my IV solutions. I have to agree with you about PCCUA. They are tough but you learn all you need to know. The instructors are very helpful and there to answer any questions you may have no matter how stupid you think they are. I love going to school at PCCUA.
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    Thanks for the responses! I'm really excited to start the program next fall...just slogging through A&P2 and Microbiology now.
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    Okay quick question for those of you already attending pccua... Hvae you or anyone you know gotten in to the HWH nursing program with a gpa under 2.9???
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    Thought I would give this a bump. Anyone planning to go the program at DeWitt or HWH this fall?
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    I am trying to get in for fall 2011 @ HWH! What about u?

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