Nursing Schools Little Rock

  1. I was curious if someone could give me advice on school choices/reputations. I am doing the LPN in January and got accepted into St. Vincent's and Baptist and want to go into the RN program right after. So if I went to St. Vincent's I'd go to RN school at UALR, and Baptist RN of course if attending the LPN-Baptist. I know Baptist is a great hospital, but I have yet to read/hear anything good about the school. Just wanted to more opinions between the 2 (Baptist & UALR). And also if the St. Vincent's LPN program is any good...they don't seem real advanced.

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  3. by   ashlee0511
    I really don't have any experience with the Little Rock schools, but I did look into them when I was considering going to school up there and commuting. UALR is an ADN program, and it is easily transferable. Baptist is not easily transferable, so if you are planning on continuing your education that may be a problem. I really haven't heard a lot of great things about their school. You also have UAMS right there...and UCA close by. I plan on doing my BSN at UAMS once I complete my ADN. It's a really good school. It is expensive, but they have a lot of options for financial aid. I know I don't have much to offer, but hopefully this helps a little bit!
  4. by   lohollo77
    Yes, I have definitely heard UAMS is the best. I already have a BA in Marketing Management so I was hoping I wouldn't have to get another one. I took a lot of management classes which is what it looks like most of the BSN classes are so we'll see. I just accepted the St. Vincent's program today then on to UALR so we'll so how it all goes. Good luck to you, looks like you are headed in the right direction!
    Thanks for the response!