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LPN Refresher Course in Central AR - page 2

I graduated the Baptist LPN Course a lil over a year ago. Took the test once and didnt pass. For various reasons, I havent taken it again. I've finally buckled back down and am gettin ready to take... Read More

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    hey, i was wondering if you ever got around to retaking your boards?
    It's been a while since i've been on here & i just want to catch up with everybody
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    No, I've taken this time to be with my little girl. However, this semester, I've completed 2 more and in January will take 2 more per-requisites. Baptist said I could have started LPN fast-track this January and carry my last 3 science credits that I need but it's a huge load. My daughter starts kindergarten this next fall, so I will either start Baptist the following January (2013) for a RN certificate or I will finish my final 2 credits that January required for ASN, starting UALR's nursing school that summer ( 1 year for ASN).
    How is it coming with you? What did you end up doing?