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I graduated the Baptist LPN Course a lil over a year ago. Took the test once and didnt pass. For various reasons, I havent taken it again. I've finally buckled back down and am gettin ready to take it again. I'm really worried... Read More

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    Did you do the LPN program then bridge? Or did you just go straight through the RN program? Also, did you enjoy your experience at Baptist?

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    I just took the LPN which did allow us to take Nutrition through PTC gaining us a credit but you had to have already finished A&P when you start or you take it through the curriculum without the lab leaving you no college credit. I've taken 2 more classes online through PTC. You've got to have all your basics done before you fast-track I believe. So for people needing credits yet then I should have done the RN which many of us wished we did. Sometimes you feel 2nd class.
    This course is non-stop, strict, and not really for people with kids or a job. I lost a year in my kids life doing it like this which led to consequences. It did prepare me. I had good caring teachers and I graduated with honors (only because my husband took over everything for me to allow for constant study). As an LPN I feel that I serve more as a medication giver than as a nurse in which I was trained for. My advice is to get as many basics now and and go through RN program with as few basics as possible. If you want summers off go through somewhere else than Baptist. Baptist does have high standards and will train you to be ethical, well-trained and to walk in integrity. If you've got kids consider doing school around their life not the other way around like I did.
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    Thanks for the advice! I know it's not going to be easy, but this is what I really want to do, & anything worth having is worth fighting for. So, I'm def up for the challenge!
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    hey, i was wondering if you ever got around to retaking your boards?
    It's been a while since i've been on here & i just want to catch up with everybody
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    No, I've taken this time to be with my little girl. However, this semester, I've completed 2 more and in January will take 2 more per-requisites. Baptist said I could have started LPN fast-track this January and carry my last 3 science credits that I need but it's a huge load. My daughter starts kindergarten this next fall, so I will either start Baptist the following January (2013) for a RN certificate or I will finish my final 2 credits that January required for ASN, starting UALR's nursing school that summer ( 1 year for ASN).
    How is it coming with you? What did you end up doing?

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