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I am planning on starting the LPN program in July '10!:yeah: I was wondering what the attire for class is? I figured I could wear scrubs but I didnt know if it was like many hospitals that require solid colors or a specific... Read More

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    I'm starting at Baptist in july as well doing the RN express track!! So excited!! I'm ready to wear those navy scrubs! lol

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    Congradulations! You'll be wearing white ones too for clinicals. Be prepared to give your whole life over to it. My husband had to take over most of the housework and taking care of the 3 kids. It's not a good bargain for them. Hang on!
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    so if you are in the express that starts in july 2010, when are you expected to be done?
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    Nurse2b..sometime in 2012 not sure of the month. Its a 2 year express track
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    When I went as an LPN it was a year and then a separate program could follow called "fast track". You had to have all or most of your prerequesites though. Has it changed? The RN by itself was 28 months.
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    Hey girl! Just curious to see if you ever started the LPN program at Baptist? If so, how did you like it? Do you still plan on fast tracking in January 2012?
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    I didn't do the LPN track, I went into RN. But I've had several friends go into it and they loved it! Of course they are going to do the fast track to RN. I've heard not many hospitals are hiring many LPNs so its probably best to do that, unless working in a nursing home or somewhere along those lines is where you want to be! But I haven't heard a bad thing about the LPN program!!

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