Any pre-nursing NWACC students out there? Any pre-nursing NWACC students out there? | allnurses

Any pre-nursing NWACC students out there?

  1. 1 Anyone here planning on applying for the ADN program at Northwest Arkansas Community College Spring 2011 for Fall 2011 admittance? Just wondering if there are any fellow NWACC students out there. I have a few credits from my previous days of college (11+ years ago) that transfer to their nursing degree program, but still need to complete most of the prereqs. I'm taking English Comp I, Intro to Computer Info Systems, and College Algebra this Summer. English Comp II, Human Growth & Development, and A&P I this Fall, and Microbiology and A&P II Spring 2011. I've already gotten some Algebra and Comp I homework done, since my profs posted their syllabi a little early. I am a nerd.
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    Actually, I am going up there tomorrow to re-enroll. I hope I can start by the summer of 2011. What track are you doing? I think I have to take the HAPS...
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    I am doing the same schedule as you! I plan to apply in February. I am missing A and P I (taking that now), APII, Microbiology, and Human Growth and Development (planning to take those classes in the Spring)
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    Hey guys!
    I am a pre nursing student there too! I was wondering if ya'll might know an answer to something I've been wondering....If I apply in Feb for the summer or fall program....will they count in my grades from the spring since the acceptance letters don't go out until late may and classes end in early may?! Just wondering if anyone could ansewr that!
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    Yes, I believe they wait to see what your spring grades were and then send out acceptance letters. I'm not positive though.
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    Anyone hear anything back for the program? I know track 2 heard today,