will out of state college credits transfer to maricopa cc

  1. Hi All,

    I have a question for everyone. Will my college credits transfer from michigan community college to maricopa community colleges in the nursing program??? Any advise would be helpful. Thanks
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  3. by   BSN-Path
    You have to send official transcripts to one of the Maricopa schools and then they will evaluate the transcript and will then tell you what classes they will except from your old school and what they will NOT except and give you maybe elective credits for it. This can take up to 2 months so have them sent soon to one of the schools you want to go to. I hope this helps!
  4. by   stephaniedennison
    I suggest you send your official transcripts in as soon as possibe! I also just transferred to the Maricopa CC from Louisiana. They accepted all of my courses! Hope this helps!!
  5. by   Redcna
    Thank you stephanie, which maricopa cc college did you transfer to?
  6. by   stephaniedennison
    I plan on attending Glendale in the Spring of 2012, but since I arrived in Arizona after classes began I am taking a few non science pre-req's online through Rio Salado which is in the pool of Maricopa colleges and transfers as well! What about you?
  7. by   Redcna
    I am from michigan, I am planing on moving to phoenix in spring. I was just curious to which colleges in maricopa was the best and about my credit transferring. Thanks..
  8. by   stephaniedennison
    I think they are all excellent schools! So far they are very organized and helpful!!! Definitely look into their CEP program with NAU! It is very cost and time effective. Very competitive though! Good luck
  9. by   johnnyarei
    I moved to AZ from KY late 2009. Most of my credits transferred to the MCCD from KY and IN.