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Hello everyone! I would love to hear who got a spot at any of the MCC Spring 2012 programs! Please include your date/time stamp, which school you have been placed at, and what choice that school was on your prefered list! ... Read More

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    nonsensequitter what else needs to be done before one starts the program (books, scrubs, level one fingerprint card) do we need to be tested for hep b? or any other medical tests? please be more detailed if you know. ( i will get in the fall of 2012 too, and gcc is my first option).

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    You do indeed need to be tested for several medical concerns. Visit Maricopa Community Colleges District Nursing Program and click on Requirements for Admission and Background Check Requirements.

    Additionally, once you have been placed, you will be sent a packet with info regarding everything you need to start the program.
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    Is the background check different than the background check done in order to get the level I fingerprint card?
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    Yes. The link to the Background Check Requirements details that information. Click on the Important Announcement link.

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