What is needed to become a surgical tech?

  1. Howdy all you nurses here in AZ....I was wondering if someone could tell me if I go to a private college and get a certificate for surgery tech is there a test you have to take to become lisenced and if so is that through the Arizona State Board of Nursing? What is the procedure? Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated, and also does anyone have any idea how much surgery tech's make these days? is it hard to find a job right out of an accredited school such as Lamson College? Help, Help , Help...I am thinking about going back to school and I want to know what all is involved in becoming a surgery tech! Thanks to anyone who can answer some of my many questions!
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  3. by   Mayflye
    I have almost (3 wks) graduated from Gateway's nursing program and I know they have a good surgical tech program. I don't know about the pay, but give them a call. It's a great school and you can't beat $45 a credit hour!