U of A MEPN interview

  1. Hey everyone,

    I was just notified of that i got an interview for the U of A masters program for nursing? I was just wondering if anyone had gone through the BSN accelerated program interview that could give me some advice or what to expect for this interview??

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  3. by   Starburstluvr
    Hey Roxy 86. I interviewed too! What time was your interview? I feel like the interview was months ago! I'm ready to find out if I'm in already! Good luck Can't believe the program starts in May.
  4. by   roxy86
    Hi Meggy!! I interviewed at 11:10, when was yours? I know i'm so anxious to find out, i hope its sooner then later, they said it would be about a month maybe. I know it starts so soon. Are you from AZ?
  5. by   oblivion
    I had an interview too.
    Ugh, I'm scared to find out
  6. by   lynzee79
    Hi everyone, I just joined allnurses.com and was wondering if any of you have heard anything back yet? I just got my email yesterday. I'm sure I must have seen some of you as my interview was also at 11:10am. Some how I missed the memo that it started in May, I was thinking June... wow, it coming up fast. 67 days till orientation YIKES!! Keep me posted if any of you also get accepted and we can chat some more. Good luck everyone!!
  7. by   LeftAtrium82
    Hi, I know you applied to UofA 2 yrs ago, but i also had an interview, but via skype. I was just wondering if you were accepted and if you know any of their stats- the total of ppl placed on alternate list etc..

    Are you in the program?