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  1. Does anyone out there that is either in one of the Maricopa Colleges Nursing program now or newly graduated, know how the final exams work? I am asking because I haven't had to take a comprehensive exam in years and was wondering if most of the same information that was on the 4 quizzes throught the semester or is it the same material just other questions? Also were any of you give a review?

    Thank you

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  3. by   checker1981
    I graduated in May 2011 from GWCC. Finals are 25% of your grade. You need to maintain a 76% proctored grade and there is no rounding. Anything on the final is up for grabs that was covered in the lectures, syllabus, or reading. In block 4 we had 1200 pages of reading, 500 pages in the last 3 weeks leading to the exam. Our psych portion was a ton of SATA questions, and very very difficult. If you are not reading everything the teacher assign, at least 100 pages a week you will struggle, because a lot of teachers will take questions right from the book or articles they assign. The program is very difficult, and everyone in my class that didn't make it usually admittedly did not do all the work assigned (their fault). Your best bet is to make sure you walk into any final with at least 85% proctored. We lost a lot of people each semester due to the difficult final exams. None of the teachers will do a review, the nursing review course 104 is a complete waste of time. Most of the teachers will test on different material then what they covered on the quiz, they already tested you on your knowledge of that material. In block 3 we had 30 med surg questions, 30 OB questions, and 31 peds questions (because instructor had to throw 1 question out on prior quiz). Also I don't recall that many math questions on the final if any, which are usually the easier ones. If you cannot pass a final out of the block then their is no way you would be able to pass the NCLEX so it is a good thing that they won't let people progress to the point where they have a degree and cannot get licensed. The NCLEX is so much harder because it will mix material from all of your nursing programs, drugs you never heard of, and diseases you would only hear about on an episode of House.

    Not to be a downer but the program is super difficult and it is going to take a ton of your time to prepare for these exams. You will get through the program knowing so much, but so little at the same time.
  4. by   abweaver
    I agree somewhat with what checker said but don't let the test scare you.. The HESI specialty test are really harder than the nclex...

    It always bugs me when I hear people say how hard Nursing school is.. It's not a cakewalk but if you focus on the main points you will be fine. Yes, you do need to study but no, you do not need to read every page your assigned.. Studying Smart is the key....