RN Student Externship and Hospitals: New Trends - 2011 (7??s )

  1. i have reading this forum for almost a year now with friends from class and we think its the best place where nurses (students, current, any type) can keep in contact and get information on a wide range of topics so i am grateful for it! never really had to register since all my answers were always answered by older posts but i wanted to get some new info on current trends (i appreciate any input you all may have in advance since it will help not only me but current students as well). we have been through/are going through recession but i have heard things are changing slowly so wanted to hear from those in the fields.

    1. do externship programs really exist anymore and what are the requirements now? back then mayo clinic, scottsdale healthcare (scottsdale shae, scottsdale osbourne), banner (desert), va hospital, catholic healthcare west (st.josephs, chandler regional) hospitals all had some sort of externship program but who is still around?

    2. how much do externs get paid now? anyone doing an externship program right now or recently did one? previous posts said anywhere from 12.85 - 19 depending on your experience (i guess as a cna/how far in school you are/ if you have an lpn license and finishing off school as an rn/whether you are going for bsn/adn)

    3. what type of benefits do you get as an extern? from previous posts i read you could get free healthcare as long as you work so many hours (at least once or twice a pay period)

    4. do they hire you after graduation and any extra benefits you get since you externed at the hospital? previous posts said most places would like to hire you and end up paying for your school as long as you get contracted with the hospital and promise to work for so many years. once you graduate school you become extern ii and once you pass nclex, they offer you a job for rn.

    5. any hospitals you would recommend for externship program? previous posts said that scottsdale healthcare hospitals pays and teaches well, also they pay for school as well. catholic healthcare west hospitals also do the same (st.josephs, chandler regional, mercy gilbert)

    6. thinking long term, which hospitals are good hospitals to work for now (anyone offer night time differentials/benefits/weekend differentials/loan payment programs)? previous posts ave said chw hospitals, scottsdale healthcare, mountain vista (since its very new), banner baywood (specifically)...

    7. do new grads still problems with getting jobs? and if you are a newgrad nurse, what was your starting pay? i have had numerous friends who graduated may. so far only 1 just got a job at chw so i was just wondering.

    once again, no one has to answer all of the questions but any input for this information is appreciated greatly. thank you.
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  3. by   UnicornRN
    Several of the hospitals open up applications for externships twice a year. You have to watch online and really be on the ball, but many of the hospitals work with specific schools, so unless you are going to school there you can forget about getting an externship. From the research I have done, the pay is around $12/hr, no benefits except the possibility of being offered a full-time job upon graduation, and you owe them 1-2 years of your time.