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Anyone apply for the GAPP program starting in August? I applied and received a call yesterday for an interview on Tuesday!! Anyone who has interviewed and was offered a position, is there... Read More

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    I also interviewed in Tuesday last week, and wasn't made an offer. The HR paperwork days were to be today and tomorrow, so I'm assuming I didn't get it. But I am curious that you said you interviewed for med-surg?? I interviewed at 11am on Tuesday and they only had CVICU, PICU, and ED. I would have LOVED med-surg (yes, I AM weird!!!). Are you sure it was med-surg?

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    Yes I'm sure. There were four of us interviewing in our time slot...2 for ICU and 2 for Med-Surg. I believe that they automatically selected the areas for us because I never actually specified Med-Surg. And no you aren't weird haha, I would love a Med-Surg position too!!
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    Thanks for the confirmation! There's another thread under students/graduate nurses about the 2011 GAPP, and 1 or 2 people reported there that they were offered a postition from Tuesday's interviews.
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    i did not recieve a call... I think they are done calling people too.

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