NAU Spring 2012 Hopefuls

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    Hi everyone, I'm Lily. I am applying to NAU's 2012 program and was hoping for any advice with the HESI A2 (what books to study since I've heard many bad reviews about the review)
    I know it's some time away but I am shooting to get in my first time applying!
    Also, I was hoping get a ballpark of how many people will be applying for this start date.

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    I just took the Hesi a2 for NAU Tucson and I used the suggested guide and thought it was appropriate preporation for the exam. For the math, reading comp, vocab, grammar the test is exactly like the book (not the exact same questions per se but you get the point). For the chem, bio, and A&P the book points you in the right direction for the topics you need to understand. If a topic presented in the study guide is new to you then I would say you should go to your A&P text or Chem text to review in more depth. Overall though if you know the study guide topics 100% backward and forward you're golden.

    I used my old A&P notes and I thought that was a very helpful refresher but I think I over studied for the A&P. Before I took the test I was worried because of all the bad reviews for the study guide. I went out and bought several other study guides that went more in depth but the evolve one was true to the test in my opinion. I was worried b/c it seemed so general but that is the way the test was too.

    Best Wishes
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    Oh - no idea about how many will apply but for fall start I was told over 100 applications went up to Flag JUST FROM TUCSON. My guess (and that's all it is) is that there are probably 300-400 people applying for the program as a whole (Flag, Tucson, Yuma).
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    Thank you so much for the information!
    I will not be taking the Hesi until probably august or september so I am sure I have a lot time to go over all the details.
    A few questions I have:
    Is the vocab section mostly medical terminology?
    I thought NAU does not take the chemistry scores on the HESI and that they take the scores of A&P, math and reading? I have never taken a college chemistry class and this is what I am a little worried about.
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    Are we talking about the same NAU? Northern Arizona? Northern Arizona does count chem and you do have to have chemistry before beginning nursing courses.
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    Yes we are.
    On the prerequisite list it states CHEM 130IN from Pima OR BIO 181IN. You have the option to choose so in the end, you really do not have to take chemistry if you'd rather take biology.
    I also spoke with ---- from the Tucson info session and she also said Chemistry credit is not required.
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    Also, on the HESI information from the NAU packet, it states that the scores taken are only from Reading, Math and A&P.. Am I reading this wrong? >.<
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    sorry i just recently learned about "north american university" so i wanted to be sure.

    i didn't realize the bio you can take gets you out of chem

    you do take the chem section of the hesi and it counts in your cumulative score which ---- said is what is looked at. who knows maybe they're changing the rules for the next class. i just know i took the chem section of the hesi and was told the cumulative is what counts. i know the packet says you have to receive a score of 75% in certain sections but you still take the others. it's just if you don't get a 75% in those certain sections you aren't allowed to apply.

    best of luck.

    if you go to the page of the packet on the nau nursing homepage and look at the "suggestion application checklist" that shows the timeline for applying the 4th box has info about the hesi and lists the sections you have to take.
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    Thank you! I am going to meet with ---- on the 25th so I will get this all cleared up. What you are saying makes sense and if it applies to my graduating class then I will definitely have to relearn some Chemistry. Its this kind of stuff that makes me happy I'm starting so early with studying.

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    You're welcome.

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