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Hi everyone, I'm Lily. I am applying to NAU's 2012 program and was hoping for any advice with the HESI A2 (what books to study since I've heard many bad reviews about the review) I know it's some time away but I am shooting to... Read More

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    Hi everybody!
    So I was wondering, I can't find that Fall 2012 thread... can anyone give me a link? I'm up here in Oregon, I'm really hoping for NAU acceptance! Anyone know when we hear from them?

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    That is the Fall 2012 forum. So far, no replies :-(

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    Hi everyone!

    I just took the Kaplan this morning, I am applying for the Flagstaff campus for the second time. I was hoping that others could post their science section scores on here so we can get an idea of how our scores compare to each other? I got an 82% overall and a 60% on the science section.
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    I am planning to take the Kaplan tomorrow. Trying to apply for the Tucson campus for the spring 2013. Nervous, hope I do awesome! Any advise on what to expect from the test?
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    Use the Kaplan study guide book. It kind of helped me with the testing style. Other than that, know your physiology and fractions/conversions!

    It's really one of those exams that is difficult to study for since you don't know what they'll throw at you.
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    I finally tuck the Kaplan and was not happy with my score I really struggled with the vocabulary and reading part I was so worried about the time that I was not focused I guess I needed to relax.The science was the part I focused on and did ok 75 but I really felt I should have been in the high 90s but I guess I will have to try again and relax more during the exam. I just feel so much pressure to do well I go crazy with fear I always get nervous for exams but even more when they hold so much power over my future I really want a high overall on the Kaplan since it's so competitive to get in at NAU. Feel like maybe the Kaplan will be the wall that stops me from getting into nursing school. I finished all the pre-reqs and just trying to pass the Kaplan to get in to nursing school have a 3.25 GPA any advice on what kind of score I should have for the Kaplan to get accepted at NAU Tucson?
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    They look at your science and overall score.
    The cutoff is minimum 60 on the science and 70 overall.

    I didn't do too well on the Kaplan either. I also received a 75 on the science portion. My gpa was 3.7 and I was #4 on the alternate list.

    This semester they called at least 6 alternates that I am sure of. Possible more.
    Keep your fingers crossed, usually there are less people who apply for the Spring semester. I wouldn't lose all hope if I were you.
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    Hey Lily,I was just wondering how things are going for you? Have you heard anything from NAU yet?
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    Hey, yes absolutely. I was accepted and started in August. I am finishing up my first semester at NAU Tucson right now. I thought applying for nursing school was difficult but that was the first hurdle! Nursing school is very tough. I had my last class today and finals are set for the next couple weeks. I am ready for this semester to be over. It's been an amazing experience but super exhausting at the same time. I wish you the best of luck for nursing school!

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    I am starting my first semester at Tucson in January! Can you give me your opinions of the first semester? What classes challenged you the most and how is the instruction? Do you ever find you have ANY days off during the week?

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