1. So I've found myself in a pickle.
    Just a little background:
    I go to Pima Community College
    I'm 18, 19 in a few weeks.
    My GPA is about a 3.6 overall with classes that aren't necessary for all the programs.
    I have less than a year left of pre-reqs, just a few more classes to finish up.

    I wanted to apply to NAU-Tucson-Flagstaff, GCU, University of Arizona but they all have some classes that the others don't require.
    I'm currently taking A&P I, Microbiology, and a Theatre class, and took MAT 122 over five weeks.

    Next semester I plan on taking FSN 127 (Nutrition), A&P II, Pathophysiology and a Chem Lab.
    I don't want to overwhelm myself because I know A&P II is quite difficult but I've also heard that Pathophysiology at Rio Salado isn't much of a hassle.

    UA was ultimately my #1 choice at the start of this but I've put of taking CHM 140 Organic and Biochemistry which would be the only other requirement for UA after the basics.

    The only requirements left for GCU would be Pathophysiology and a Health Communications class which doesn't sound too difficult which I would take AFTER being accepted to the program if need be. I also still need to take the TEAS.

    NAU Tucson is just a difficult program to get into. As I said my GPA is a 3.6/3.7 and should be going up soon also. I will have completed all the classes for this program at the end. But I still need to take the Kaplan.

    I guess I just need a plan of attack and advice from anyone.
    I feel flustered and just don't know what to do. Whether it would just be better to take what I can handle next semester and wait another semester to apply and take a few classes like CHM 140 over the summer and apply for a spring admission. Part of me says, you're 19 you're still young and already ahead and another side tells me you're already behind because what if you don't get it, it's another waiting game.

    ANY ADVICE on the programs, the tests, good teachers or how to manage would help.
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  3. by   ASHR
    I am in the same situation except I opted to stick with GCU. My GPA is the same as yours. I am taking 15 credits of classes and working full time and still have all As in them. You are the only one who knows your workload and what you can handle so, if you think you can do chem in addition to other difficult courses then go for it. Just remember these are hard schools to get into especially with the competitiveness rising every semester. You should do the best you can in all classes so you have a chance of getting in. If this means slowing down then thats what you should do. If you can handle a full workload and still get As then go for it. Good Luck. If you have specific questions about any of the programs feel free to ask, I've been through it all.