NAU/MCCD Concurrent Cohort

  1. I thought I would start a thread for those that have already started the concurrent program and for those of us that were just accepted into the program.

    I would love to hear from you all that are all ready knee deep in block one.
    ~ How was NUR330?
    ~ Do you have books to sell?
    ~ Any advice on required text for Block 1? Are they allowing you to use past editions?
    ~ Required materials etc..?
    ~ How does your shedule work with lecture, lab and clinical time?
    As you guys move forward with block 1, let us know if the additional NAU class is bogging you down.

    I know that I am still walking around with a huge smile on my face after weeks of worry and constantly checking my email for the acceptance letter. I am so eager to get going with classes, purchase scrubs, books etc. Has everyone enrolled in NUR330 already? Are you taking other classes this semester or taking it easy till all chaos breaks loose in January? Did you get your first choice of location? I will be at MCC.

    I look forward to getting to "know" all of you. See you in September.
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  3. by   shandfi
    Thanks for the post! You have all the same questions I do (and also the big smile). I am starting in spring 2012. I am taking bio 205 and Fon right now (my last 7 credits) and am waiting on nau so I can sign up for nur 330. I officially put in my notice at work for the end of the year and couldn't be happier. After so much waiting and taking classes at night and online I can't wait to be full time. A buddy of mine in 205 just finished block one and he said it was real tough. He also said books were $1000 for block one. But he said it was awesome.
    So excited! See you in a few weeks!
  4. by   Gabbymonkey
    I will also be in the 2012 spring class at GWCC and am really really happy I got in because I started to doubt that I would make it in but I did My adviser said we would be placed in NUR330 as a group but I don't know when we will find out??? I have been checking my NAU student page everyday to see if I have been enrolled but no sign yet. I am so happy you started this link... see you at the first NAU course Sept 29th.
  5. by   coolblue2
    Yea!!! I am so excited for you guys!
    Gabby ~ I enrolled myself into NUR330...I checked the class yesterday and there are only 20 or so seats taken with a capacity of 80.
    Shandfi ~ yes, books are a huge expense! I buy all of mine from CL or ebay. Instructors usually let you use a previous edition which can save a lot of money. A friend of mine that is now in block 3 says to only buy the required texts...not the suggested texts.
    Where were you placed?? It appears that all concurrent student will be in NUR330 together, regardless of MCCCD placement...? Is that correct?

    I can't wait to meet everyone!!!
  6. by   Positive Minds
    To continue with this post, I, too, was accepted into the program but at MCC. Since we haven't heard from the first group at GCC, I thought I'd comment for futures cohorts down the line. We are now heading into our third week at NUR330. What a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Dean and Assistant Dean of the NAU Nursing Dept! They are wonderful women and are there to support us in any way.

    It appears this course will be fairly simple as far as homework. It really is thinking and analyzing the profession and putting those thoughts into words. They are incredibly knowledgeable and want us to fully understand the profession and are encouraging us to continue our education to excel. Think of it as the calm before the storm...

    The books were surprisingly inexpensive. $100 tops for the three that are necessary for the class. And, our biggest question was whether or not it was online, or in person.... the answer is - in person, once a week.....

    Just FYI, the $1000 for books for the first block of the Maricopa program is for the entire program (I am told). And we will only be required to make minimal purchases throughout the rest of the program for various required reading. I'll keep you posted as we progress!

    Good luck to everyone!!!!