NAU FALL 2012 Hopefuls

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    Hey Everyone,

    Any NAU fall hopefuls out there want to get a conversation going about your status?

    I am applying to NAU Tucson, 3.9 GPA, all biology classes complete, and 81% on the Kaplan.


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    Quote from lilyblooming
    Hey Everyone,Any NAU fall hopefuls out there want to get a conversation going about your status?I am applying to NAU Tucson, 3.9 GPA, all biology classes complete, and 81% on the Kaplan.-Lily
    I am applying to the Yuma campus (fall 2012) everything is sent now just waiting on a reply! So nervous! Got an 82% on Kaplan :/
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    Don't be discouraged! Anything above 80% is good. I'm only at 81% and still pretty optimistic and I believe Yuma has the least competition out of all the campuses :-) They look at your overall score plus your Science section which I got a 75% on. I was told that my odds are pretty good.

    The girl next to me in the testing room got a 73% overall by the way!

    We won't hear back until the first week of May!
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    Gosh this anticipation!!!! I have an interview at (believe it or not) LSU next weekend, so I'm flying from the good OR to LA!!! Crazy stuff... but I wish it didn't take so long to hear back from them!

    I had no idea what was going on with the HESI... I did the first section of math and got 68% on it cuz I was used to the Kaplan and TEAS where you can go back... ended up with an 85 though, which is lucky because I have a 3.68 GPA. I'm taking Stats, Pathophys and Genetics right now but I'm all finished with the rest of my pre-reqs.

    I'm applying to the Flagstaff campus first (hockey team, helloooo) then Tucson. I used to live in Yuma, actually... but going from my hometown I hear Flagstaff is the closest to our climate and people so I chose that first. We'll see!!!
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    Good Luck with your LSU interview! That sounds so random but at least you are keeping your options open. Did you take the HESI for NAU? Thats weird because since last Fall they switched over to the Kaplan.. Yes this is all a waiting game and I hope we get more posts from hopefuls and will see who makes the cut!
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    Agreed lily... definitely a long shot, but I got an interview so at least I have hope! I'm also checking out University of Alabama Birmingham while I'm down there... it's seriously a second job, filling out all these apps.

    I took the HESI for LSU, but I took the Kaplan for NAU. I had to take the kaplan twice... once for NAU and once for Colorado Mesa because neither will share the scores with other schools. Didn't do as well as I had hoped, but fingers crossed!

    Me too!!!! The first I hear from should be Lewis Clark State college coming up here in the next few weeks... then Colorado Mesa and the rest in April and May. Yikes! Best wishes to everyone who applied!
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    Wow lots of options! What's your first choice??
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    Well first would be COCC, the local community college... then OHSU in Portland, then LCSC/CMU... then of course NAU, then the rest kind of fall after those. I seriously will go ANYWHERE THOUGH!!!!!
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    I'm taking my Kaplan exam this Friday and I'm so nervous! My first choice is the NAU campus and my second is the Yuma campus. Anyone have any advice for the test? Are you allowed to go back and change answers? Any specific areas to study? Was the Kaplan book useful if you used it?
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    Hey Claudia,

    Don't be nervous, there is really no way to study for these types of tests. If I were to go back and take it again, I still wouldn't know how to study better.

    Make sure you know your fractions and conversions and read up on all the Physiology you can. The science section consists of only Physiology questions and I was stumped on several on them. It is a knowledge based section. Read the Kaplan for this, I saw some familiar questions on the test from the book.

    Reading part is the easiest -- I only missed one question here. And the writing section was a load of bull. Haha The answers were so ambiguous to choose from. I got a 67% on that section Know verb-subject agreement.

    Good luck and try not to stress!

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