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NAU concurrent program---pricing

  1. 0 Does anyone know exactly how much the NAU CEP program is? I don't qualify for financial aid and I am trying to figure out how I am going to pay for this program. I know there has been much debate as to the actual costs, but I was hoping to hear from from someone who is currently in and paying for it. How much is block 1?
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    In the Spring 2012 semester we are taking 10 credits through Maricopa @ $76 p/credit and 2 credits through NAU @ $327 p/credit. There are additional fees such as lab fees totaling around $150. Books are aprrox $800 but should get us through all 4 blocks.
    Total tuition for Block 1...$1,757. (this includes fees but not books).
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    That isn't too bad. Since I am paying for my second degree myself I'm just trying to figure out how much I need or should have saved before I even apply to the program. I will be on the waitlist as of this month and I only have 2 pre-reqs to finish up and I can have those done in the summer or in the fall.

    NAU doesn't require having a college Chemistry just a HS but is it a good thing to take college level or doesn't it matter? TIA!
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    You can apply with up to 7 credits pending. How long ago did you take Chem? I'm not sure how important it will be, I can't imagine using anything I learned in Chem class....
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    I thought on the MCCD website it says that NAU is no longer accepting provisional applications???
    Concurrent Enrollmant Program
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    They are still accepting provisionals for the Fall 2012 term.