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I'm finishing up some prerequisites and taking the HESI test on Tuesday for the January deadline. I'm a bit nervous! I wanted to see if there are any other accelerated program hopefuls applying for NAU this spring!? Also, for... Read More

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    Hi again everyone! I too am sorry to not be meeting you in person this year RunMT, but congrats on the new job and certainly don't hesitate to hit us up for any questions next year!

    I can't speak for anyone else, but I've been silent on this thread for the last month or so because I've been sooooooo busy packing up and moving out/renting out my house, getting all of the clinical paperwork in order, so on and so forth - not to mention I'm still finishing up a couple prerequisites!

    I just wanted to stop in, say 'hi,' and see how everyone was doing! I can't wait to meet you all and am soooo super excited to get this started!

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    Me too! And I totally agree, the clinical paperwork was quite a process. My vaccination records apparently didn't survive the move, so I had to get a bunch of vaccines again. But, it's all done now! Just about a month left to wait!

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