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    I posted this in LPN section before I realized there was an AZ section.

    So I am going to take the HESI-A2 or HESI-2 (forgot what its called) tomorrow in an attempt to get into the Maricopa Skills Center LPN program. There were a few topics about this school on here but were a couple years old.
    The website says it requires 75% on all subjects to get in. (math, english and a few others) How hard is this school to get in for the January 2012 start date? Say I got 75% like it says, would those scores actually get me in? I'm just really curious how competative it is, and if I have a chance.

    Also, it says if you are a CNA you can bypass the first 14 weeks or so, and the start date isnt until jan 2012. So if I were to take my CNA before then, would I be eligible for this?

    Thanks in advance, I'm very curious!

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    Hey! I'm applying as well in august! how did you do on the HESI A2? im taking mine next week.
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    I think my cumulative was an 89 or 90%. It doesnt really matter what your score is, as long as you get atleast a 75% in every subject. After you apply, your name is put into a computer and 40 students are picked at random. Good luck on the HESi
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    Hey, I got a 91% cumulative on the HESI. My next step is to get my Health care provider CPR. It says on the website that CPR card must indicate Adult Child/Infant CPR/AED, but none of the cards I've seen have that (it just says healthcare provider and your name). I wanted to know what your take was. I think I'm stressing over the small stuff haha. Thank you.
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    Hey i also applied for the January 2012 session. Has anyone recieved their acceptance from the school?
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    not yet, patiently waiting
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    I haven't heard anything either and trying to be patient.. Good luck to you!
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    MSC is a terribly disorganized program. It is replete with unnecessary stress, instructors who allow the details of their lives to factor into their daily teaching, and countless hours of wasted time. That said, I'm so glad that I graduated from there. The vast majority of my learning was due to self study, but that worked well for me. I used MSC as blocks 1-2 of the nursing program, immediately moved onto block 3 at a local CC, and graduated this May as an RN. It wasn't until I got into block 3 that I really appreciated the education that I got at MSC. I was far ahead of the other students and block 3 was pretty much all review. I passed the NCLEX two weeks after graduation, am employed at a great hospital and am in the BSN program. I would highly recommend MSC despite the failings.
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    acceptance letter anyone? haha its been a month already!
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    Hello,Did you all study for the HESI A2 using the study guide? Thanks!

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