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I posted this in LPN section before I realized there was an AZ section. So I am going to take the HESI-A2 or HESI-2 (forgot what its called) tomorrow in an attempt to get into the Maricopa Skills Center LPN program. There... Read More

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    Elliebelle01,I appreciate your honesty about your experience there and also appreciate you stating that you highly recommend it also. It prepares the rest of us for possibly the same thing but also that it is very much worth it in the end and that you received your teaching as well..Thanks so much.

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    Hi all,
    I also went MSC and my feeling mirror those of Elliebelle. I am just a little bit bitter after having wasted so many hours and paid three times the tuition of other CCs in Maricopa County. I also went onto block 3 and though it was a breeze, how boring it was to repeat all of the content and clinicals. I am an RN now and I feel like a rock star. I have lots of job opportunities and have almost doubled my salary. However, the only reason I would recommend this school is that there is no wait list. If you are not desperate for a change, consider waiting for a seat at one of the other Maricopa CC's. I have to be honest, on my worst days I reflect on my experience at MSC and feel some sort of consolation. I think to myself.."things could be worse, at least I'm no longer a student at MSC!"
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    Oooooh. So true. MSC was so unnecessarily stressful. As I talk to other nurses though, it seems that all nursing programs are disorganized and stressful. I read in the ASBON newsletter that MSC has been given 6 months to "correct deficiencies". I'm not quite sure what that means, but it doesn't sound good.
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    I got accepted into the January class. They have been in contact with me via email with steps needed to keep my seat. If you have been accepted they should have emailed you an acceptance letter that you would have had to return by September 30.
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    Does anyone know good areas to live within close proximity to the school for a good price. I am moving from Flagstaff, so im kinda lost on where to live. Also any good daycare services. I know the school has a daycare program, however it states that the child has to be 2 and potty trained. My son will be 2 in jan, however i doubt he will be completely potty trained by then

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