Maricopa Placements for 01/2012

  1. Hello!

    It's almost January 2012 and I still have not been placed into one of the Maricopa nursing schools. After 2 years I am starting to get quite sad and frusterated about the whole situation and have started looking into other options but then think........ I have already waited TWO YEARS just keep holding on.

    Anyway- Who was placed for 01/2012???? Please share your date/time stamp, the school you were placed in, and what choice that school was on your list.

    No offensive for people that got help through an employer or another source of priority placement (lucky ducks) but please only post if you are waiting with no loophole!

    I have not yet been placed, my date/time stamp is 02/19/2010 08:04:58AM, and my first choice is the GCC Weekend program.

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  3. by   Squirrellover
    Hello, I found out in November that I was being placed into Spring 2012 @ Gateway I had been on the wait list for over 2 1/2 yrs. My date stamp was Feb of 2009. So I will start the program 1 month shy of a 3 yr wait. And my first choice was the daytime traditional two year Gateway program, which is the one I got into.

    While on the wait list I knocked out a fair amount of pre-reqs for the Concurrent Enrollment Bachelors degree program offered thru NAU. When I was placed in the AA degree program I really had to think hard and ask advice from several people on whether or not to accept the placement or defer one semester and try to get into the CEP. My decision to accept placement was based on my truth that I need to be able to work at least part time while going to school and the CEP program would not allow me this luxury. Ive been working towards becoming a nurse this long now, its not like an extra year or two to complete my Bach degree is really going to make a difference.

    Hope this info is helpful, and I wish you the best of luck with trying to be patient, I know I needed it! Hee hee