Maricopa Placements Fall 2011 - page 3

:nurse:Did you get in to a Maricopa Community College for Fall of 2011? Please let us know which college and what your timestamp was so we can figure out which timestamps got in this round. Thank you and congrats to those... Read More

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    Thanks for the posts about the Glendale weekend program! That s my first choice right now, I was hoping to get placed today but did not. Crossing my fingers for August! Thanks again!

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    I was placed today for GCC weekend program my date was 10/16/09 8:05am. Its been a long wait so hang in there if your still waiting.
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    I only plan on working 1 12hour shift a week while in the program but I have 2 children so I just wanted to make sure I could manage well. Thanks for the information Amy!
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    My time stamp was in 12/10. Not sure what date but under a year. I got placed at Gateway CC traditional and start 01/2012. I was hoping for part-time at GWCC but not sure if its because I'm doing the NAU concurrent program that we have to do full time? Anyone do their classes at GWCC? How is the schedule? What time/day were lecture? Just want to know cause I'm working at the moment.
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    Pkr2010 I look forward to meeting you in class . Im so excited. I have to renew mu fingerprint card tho
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    Yeah I can't wait I am so excited, I also have to redo my card because when we got it it wasn't level 1.
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    Glendale CC weekend is my only choice option. My time stamp is 2/19/10 8:07:00. It would be amazing if I got placed on the second round. I am hoping that I will at the latest get placed for the July 2012 start. Congrats to all who were placed and keep us posted about how it is going!!

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