lpn supervising a rnn in az

  1. Hi! Does anyone know if it is legal for an RN to take verbal orders from an LPN (who is seasoned and in a supervisor position) in Arizona?

    I have been to azbn.gov and searched in the Nurse Practice Acts however with no luck. I am new grad RN and my supervisor is an LPN. I have much respect for her and trust her judgment immensely. I just want to know if LEGALLY I can take orders from her directly. After all, I worked hard for my license and I have the feeling that if something happens when I take orders from her, and a problem arises from it, it will be MY LICENSE on the line because I have the ultimate responsibility.

    I work in a LTC/SNF so the laws may different than in hospital setting. Thank you
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  3. by   Kabin
    You'll always need to protect your license regardless of your supervisor's credentials. I've seen an RN walk away from an independent living setting after management told them to do things that were unsafe or outside the nursing scope of practice. LPNs can be supervisors and, of course, they're license by the AZBN which should discourage deeds outside the nurse practice act.

    I'm not sure what type of verbal orders you'd be getting from your nursing supervisor? I'd think your job and role would already be defined. Supervisors tend to be administrative. They're there to support you, give feedback about your performance, as well as do schedules, etc.