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Is it just me or does it seem like LPNs have to jump through MANY hoops to apply for adv. plcmt? Maybe it is because I did my education out-of-state for the LPN program? I'm practically staggering toward the finish line just to... Read More

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    Thanks so much for the heads up PediRN. When I checked a while ago, I did not see an online class for Summer @ GW. I will definitely consider that option! That would give me a little more time to prepare for the Hesi PN as well. Good looking out.

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    In response to your first question, this was also my reaction the first time I saw the requirements for the school that I was interested in. It definitely struck me that it would be easier to start from scratch and not bother trying to get in with the LVN to RN route.
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    Quote from inspiredRN10
    So ideally after doing the LPN program (for one year) and then applying into block 3, is there a long wait? And if there is not a wait would you recommend this to the other people who are looking at at least 2 years wait to even begin the program? I applied this month, so ideally I probably won't start for another 2 years or more...I just want to keep my options open. Does the LPN program at Gateway have a wait list now? Any advice of what would be the least time and furthermore the best use of my time, rather than waiting? I am feeling frustrated...
    I am wondering the same thing...
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    I'm not sure about the wait if you bridge from an LPN program through Maricopa Colleges. I voiced frustrations from the perspective of one who completed an LPN program elsewhere and is now trying to get advanced placement. It never hurts to investigate every option available to you. I would contact an advisor at Gateway, if that is where you would consider doing the LPN, and get firsthand info on what the wait list is like and the prospects for advanced placement after completing the program. That way you can make the decision whether to go that route or not. Hope that helps.
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    I had a question for someone who has turned in their application already. What did you submit as proof of your vaccines? Or did you get titers done for everything? I faxed all of my stuff to the admin asst who looks over the medical part of the application, but she hasn't gotten back with me yet. I am wondering if what I am going to submit will be sufficient.

    I had chicken pox as a kid, so i got the titer. I also got a titer for hep b because i had the vaccines farther apart than I was supposed to. For the other vaccines, I submitted a copy of the record from the health dept in Michigan. Will that be sufficient? What did everyone else submit? What about the TB test? What proof did you need of the two step test? Any help is greatly appreciated! I am scrambling to make sure I have everything in order!
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    Hi ,
    Its been a while since anyone has posted on this thread but Im hopeful that some of you will still read my post. I finished Blocks 1-2 (LPN) about 5years ago and Im in my last week of Microbiology, which is my last prerequisite to apply into Block 3. I attended MCCCD/Estrella for my LPN. Im just a bit confused about what I do now. I am enrolled in Pharm 187 to begin at the end of this month and is one month long. I also need to take the HESI-A2 and HESI-PN. Do I have to wait until I (hopefully) pass these tests to apply? I feel so lost. I am really REALLY hoping there would be a way that I could start this fall. I think the best program for me would probably be the GCC wknd program. Does anyone know the start dates of Block 3 placements? Like is it every Jan. and Aug? Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.

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