Jobs for New Grads

  1. I have read so many posts about new nurses not finding jobs, or at the very least not finding the ones they had hoped for. It's this way, pretty much, all over right now. I know it's very disheartening, to wait, finally get in, pass, and then this huge wall before you. Don't give up, hang in there, keep yourself fresh in the knowledge you have gained and just keep trying. The economy is horrible. So many, including my husband, have lost jobs, or taken huge pay cuts. My husband lost his, at age 61. He found another, but at way, oh my, way less wage. Of course our bills did not go down along with the wages. In fact, taxes went up this year, even though our house value dropped. Not a fair world at all. I haven't worked since starting school. We don't make enough to really live on. Robbing Paul to pay Peter these days, but if I take a low paying job, then I don't qualify for a grant, and without that, no school for me. We were the upper middle class and have slide down to; well, don't know what we are now. Holding on as hard as possible. New Grads of all studies are finding it hard to find work. My parents were young adults during the Depression, so I grew up hearing tales. We are not far from that in my opinon. Things will get better eventually, nothing stays the same, kind of like the law of gravity. Cut costs, turn off what you can, plant a garden and keep applying for any type of nursing job; schools, plants, doc offices, anyplace that would employ a nurse. And some of you, young enough, don't forget the military service. It's not high pay, but it is job security. I did 3 years and if I wasn't too old, I would go though school and sign up again. Nice to go back as an officer. Keep hope going, hunker down and ride though the storm as best you can, things will get better in time.
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