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    does anyone have any recent experience with or information on this school? I'm aware of the problems in regards to their extremely low passing rates on the nclex, but was hoping anyone knew of the changes being made and if its been of any help?

    this is from the azbn website, but i can't seem to find any updates to this..

    Randolph stated that International Institute of the Americas (IIA) was issued a Notice of Deficiency as a result of NCLEX pass rates below 75% for two consecutive years. IIA submitted a response to the Notice of Deficiency.
    Several changes have been made and consultants have been hired to evaluate the program. The graduating class of 2010 is expected to fall under the new curriculum.
    Schreiner stated that while there have been serious problems with the program she is confident that the problems can be corrected. Members suggested Schreiner continue to provide seminars and support for faculty regarding curricula development and execution, and recommended the program suspend admission.

    Motion : Recommend Board approve proposed curricula changes with a site-visit within 60 days and return to the advisory committee at the August 2008 meeting.
    any info would be appreciated! i was set on MSC but i met with the nursing advisor last week at IIA and was very interested until i searched the forums and stumbled across the nclex issue..

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    this is the link to the info from the azbn quoted above..

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    I currently attend IIA/EBSN and the unofficial pass rate of the last class to graduate is around 88%; we are doing better. I believe that they will come off of AZ BON probation quickly and hopefully will get NLN accreditation soon.

    Unfortunately the school is going through some growing pains and in good conscience I could not recommend it to anyone. I do think that it will get better a year from now; however, if you are starting next semester, I would tell you to think twice.
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    Quote from popmode77
    this is the link to the info from the azbn quoted above..


    That's really good information to have! I have looked onthe AZBN site before and have not come across anything as detailed. Thanks!
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    thanks jeff.. if i applied i was planning on going for the june '09 start. i still have to take my 4 prereqs, and financially it just makes more sense for me if i wait a few more months. i was set on attending MSC for my lpn and then jumping into block 3 to get my rn. but something about IIA is just telling me that its right. i know of the low scores but i also know they are making the needed adjustments. i also know school is what you make of it!

    hopefully by june everything will be fixed. when do you graduate?
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    I will graduate 2 weeks before you start.

    Please don't get me wrong; it isn't all bad. Small class sizes enable making great friends. The instructors have always been accessible and have always taken extra time to help. There are lots of good things going on there. I hope that things have settled down by the time you get there! Good Luck!
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    What is required before starting this program?
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    The curriculum has changed so I am not sure what the prereqs are. They do offer them at the school; however it probably would be cheaper to do them through the community colleges. Call the school and ask for information about the admissions process for the nursing program. I have worked wtih a nice lady there who is always helpful.
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    the prereqs are offered at the school for $195 per class. prereqs are: chem130, english comp 101, medical terminology, and mat120. they are accelerated.. only 6 weeks per class. they suggest taking two at a time, so a total of 3 months for the four classes, although you can do them all or even just 1 if you want.

    this is the application check list i was given:

    -high school transcripts or ged
    -fingerprint clearance card
    -net scores
    -application fee of $50
    -copy of photo id

    other things they require.. a no more than 200 word nursing career goals essay, two letters of recommendation (which they give you and all you have to do is get them filled out), a interview with their admissions committee, and of course your prereqs.

    the packet i received states that your immunization documentation and health forms are to be submitted before clinicals start.

    hope this info helps you sassiebaz

    and thanks again jeff.. you have helped ease any fears i had. i will hopefully be starting my prereqs on the 14th
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    popmode77, I have experience with this school. Please PM or email me before you enroll.

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