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does anyone have any recent experience with or information on this school? I'm aware of the problems in regards to their extremely low passing rates on the nclex, but was hoping anyone knew of the... Read More

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    Quote from popmode77
    thanks jeff.. if i applied i was planning on going for the june '09 start. i still have to take my 4 prereqs, and financially it just makes more sense for me if i wait a few more months. i was set on attending MSC for my lpn and then jumping into block 3 to get my rn. but something about IIA is just telling me that its right. i know of the low scores but i also know they are making the needed adjustments. i also know school is what you make of it!

    hopefully by june everything will be fixed. when do you graduate?
    I am new to this one... you can get your LPN then "jump in" to where to get your RN. Please explain this to me... I need some help!

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    in a prior post it sounded like you were going the LPN route... I'd like some info on that and maybe I can give you the info you're looking for...
    there's a new rule on this board about pm's and I don't have enough posts to be able to pm you back...
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    I am interested in enrolling at IIA - can any current or past students provide me with information on this school?

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