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Help With NS Personal Statement

  1. 0 Hello All,

    I am a NS hopeful and I recently applied to the university that I'd like to attend and begun my application to the College of Nursing (I have to do two separate apps). I have to submit 2 statements (250 words or less) answering the following: 1. What I will bring to this college, as a student AND 2. The traits/values I have that will lead to my success, while addressing the rigors of the program and time commitments, since it is an accelerated program.

    I am pretty good at writing, but I am freaking out about this. I'm well ahead of the deadline, but I am feeling like I should not wait too long from the time I applied to submitting these statements. Maybe I just have too much to say and am not sure how to cut it to just 250 words. What is most important to mention? I was in the Air Force for 5 years, I have been a pet trainer, a real estate agent, and am currently a librarian and a CNA (though I have no CNA work experience). I have volunteered at the local hospital for some time, but nothing clinical, just cleanups in the ED or stocking in Materials Management.

    I work full-time and am finishing my last two prerequisites, A&P 2 and micro, as a half-time student. Do I even need to mention GPA, since they are getting my transcripts anyway. I have a 3.8 on my prereqs and 3.2 cumulative, which I am not sure is overly impressive. I have set myself up not to have to work while I go to school (at all) with savings and good planning, so should that be included, too? I have a GI Bill that will cover the cost of the school itself. Is that worth mentioning? I don't want my letter to sound like half of the other applicants. This program is expected to have 300-400 applicants and less than 100 slots!

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Perhaps just some "key" words or a starting point would help.


    Oh, it's a post-bac program and I also have a BA in psychology, does that major even matter? Everyone else who applies will also be required to already have a non-nursing undergrad degree, so what benefit is mine?
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    I am working on my statements as well (for the post-bac program at ASU). I made a list of all the attributes that are needed to be a nurse (empathetic, detail-oriented, adaptable, etc.) and then I cited examples of how my previous work experience related to those characteristics. Good luck!