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Hello, My name is Keisha and I am currently taking the prereqs for GCU's summer 2012 program. Is anyone else thinking about applying? My first choice is the program at St Joe's.... Read More

  1. by   futrnursekj
    I know! I'm just as excited!! I took the "looong" path to get here, but I'm here!! Have you heard what time our orientation is on April 11th yet?
  2. by   johnnyarei
    No, I haven't heard. I figured that they would probably send emails out on (or after April 6th). Everyone has to turn in their immunization info by then.
  3. by   futrnursekj
    Oh yea...that's true! It'll be here before you know it! EXCITING!
  4. by   johnnyarei
    I know! I can't believe I'm FINALLY about to start Nursing School!
  5. by   Stoofanie
    I agree!! I'm getting all my stuff done and it's dawning on me nursing school is right around the corner!! I'm just trying to figure out this stupid loan thing, but sadly all I can do is wait for the financial advisors to get back to me. GAH! I even have my schedule made; but St. Joes hasn't come up with their times and days yet so it looks like I'm in 5 minute classes hahaha.
  6. by   johnnyarei
    LOL! I know!
  7. by   johnnyarei
    Did everyone get the email? Orientation is April 11th (9AM to 4PM)
  8. by   Stoofanie
    Yes I got it! I'm still anxious for them to put the actually schedule up for school :/ That way I can let people know my hours!
  9. by   johnnyarei
    I know! I'm trying to schedule my hours around school. I HAVE to work right now.
  10. by   futrnursekj
    Like you guys, I really NEED to work, but unfortunately I stopped working a few months ago due to some health problems. When I found out I got into school, I figured I might as well try NOT work for at least the first semester...not too sure about that. lol *fingers crossed*

    The loan thing is starting to stress me out now too, esp since I have so many loans out from my first degree! Humph...
    I met with the advisor last week, but nothing was really estabished. I guess he still wanted to verify a few things before we actually set anything up. At least they allow payment plans!

    Both of you have the other advisor I assume, since you're in the St. Joes cohort??
  11. by   Stoofanie
    Yeah I have ------. He made me nervous by saying that I was one of his difficult students because of me already having loans out. I'm trying to do the stupid parent plus loan (my mom always gets denied because her income) but the site isn't working for GCU. I wish GCU wasn't so expensive.
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  12. by   Stoofanie
    Her denial means I get an independent loan from them...Which I should be able to do but I'm not 24. I hate the rules!
  13. by   johnnyarei
    I actually have ---- as my financial advisor. He has not been helpful at all. I owe so much in loans already for my first degree, that I REFUSE to take out any more! I signed up for the payment plan.

    Even though I am looking forward to orientation, I wish it wasn't so long! 9-4! That's 7 hours. What can you possibly talk about for 7 hours? That's a long time!
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