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Hello, My name is Keisha and I am currently taking the prereqs for GCU's summer 2012 program. Is anyone else thinking about applying? My first choice is the program at St Joe's.... Read More

  1. by   johnnyarei
    I don't remember getting an email. Who was it sent from?
  2. by   Stoofanie
    By Grand Canyon University. The subject was Student Notice. My user name was firstname.lastname and the password was firstname.lastname01 so I would try that!
  3. by   johnnyarei
    I tried it. It didn't work. Then I tried to reset my password using the firstname.lastname for the username. It said that an administrator must set up my account. I don't think I ever received an email.
  4. by   Stoofanie
    Try pushing login after you do it and not register. That's what I was confused on earlier!
  5. by   johnnyarei
    I played around with different variations of my name. I got it to work. I had to pay the $8.25. Now, I'm able to log on!
  6. by   Stoofanie
    yeah that stupid fee!! haha your wearing your scrubs to that GCU orientation thing prior to SJMC right? I don't wanna be the only in them at GCU!
  7. by   johnnyarei
    Yes. I think its kinda silly to change. We're leaving forum and going straight to St Joes.
  8. by   Stoofanie
    I have to stop by the bookstore to get my nursing pin. They forgot to put it with my preordered book stuff. AHH
  9. by   johnnyarei
    Me too! I don't have mine either.
  10. by   futrnursekj
    So...How is your first week of classes going?! It's A LOT to take in, but it's so worth it!
  11. by   johnnyarei
    It's going....LOL. There is A LOT of reading! I wasn't prepared! We have our 1st quiz Friday.
  12. by   RN2BPARK
    Hey I'm new to the site, I am accepted to fall 2012 nursing program at scottsdale and looking for insight? Is the program good for the money? How do you like the instructors? Labs, clinicals? Is financial aid/advisors awful as I've heard? Any/all words of wisdom would be great! Thanks!