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hi everyone! i just wanted to start a thread for all of the gcu (grand canyon university) spring 2012 hopefuls. i'm hoping to get into the scottsdale healthcare night/weekend program! it's a... Read More

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    I got my acceptance letter a couple of days back so that cool. I am in the AT steeles fast track.
    Anyone else out there on the fastrack for spring?

    What were peoples TEAS and GPA's if I could be so nosey?

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    Yea I'm in ASU's program, but my gf is getting ready to apply to GCU's program in the next semester or 2, how do they determine who gets in? Is it just based off GPA mostly? What were the average GPAs, and lowest GPA that made it in.

    I really appreciate any information anyone can give me

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    My GPA was 3.96 and my TEAS scores were in the 80's. They use it all but I don't know the formula. I can give you this tip though. Talk to ---- and ------ during the Acceptance program often ask lots of questions and be very involved. If you act like you are involved and serious about the program it helps. It seems that a lot of the decision making is subjective.
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    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to update everyone. Due to situations beyond my control, I actually did not apply. However, I am back and I am ready to focus on school again. I only have one class left to apply for the nursing program - COM 270 (which I am enrolled in for Spring PVCC). I retook CHM 130 for a better grade and got an A! I am soooo excited! My plan is to apply for the Summer program at St Joes. If I don't get in, I will apply for the Fall Program at SHC. I originally chose SHC because I liked the night/weekend option idea. However, from reading several posts, I realize that the program is not necessarily on the weekends. So, that's my plan! Good luck to everyone who got in!

    I wish you much success in your Nursing careers!

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