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hi everyone! i just wanted to start a thread for all of the gcu (grand canyon university) spring 2012 hopefuls. i'm hoping to get into the scottsdale healthcare night/weekend program! it's a... Read More

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    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to update everyone. Due to situations beyond my control, I actually did not apply. However, I am back and I am ready to focus on school again. I only have one class left to apply for the nursing program - COM 270 (which I am enrolled in for Spring PVCC). I retook CHM 130 for a better grade and got an A! I am soooo excited! My plan is to apply for the Summer program at St Joes. If I don't get in, I will apply for the Fall Program at SHC. I originally chose SHC because I liked the night/weekend option idea. However, from reading several posts, I realize that the program is not necessarily on the weekends. So, that's my plan! Good luck to everyone who got in!

    I wish you much success in your Nursing careers!
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