GCC/NAU Concurrent Program

  1. Hi, everyone

    I was accepted into the Concurrent Program at GCC in the fall but starts this summer with the NAU class. I was wanting to know if there was anyone else on here who got accepted? I hope everyone who wanted in got in.
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  3. by   AkAtHrt
    Hi flutterby! Congrats I am in the process of applying for the fall start. Do you have any information regarding the fall schedule. I am trying to figure out how I will arrange childcare, drive time, etc. Basically trying to figure out if this new option is doable! Plus, what is the class that is required over the summer called again? What time is it offered and are you signed up already? thanks!
  4. by   flutterby230
    Well they have already filled all the seats for fall as far as I know. You have to go to the info session before you can apply. They will give you all the info about the program. You do have to have all prerequisite for GCC and NAU done before you can get into the program. Sorry I don't know what the schedule is yet still waiting for my packet. Good luck with getting in.
  5. by   mrs sodipo
    please do u know when and where they hold the nursing nau concurrent program information sessions and whens the next one what website can i sign up for it
  6. by   AkAtHrt
    All I know is you have to already be in the pool of Maricopa College applicants. They sent an email to those students in the system but students had to meet certain criteria and if you fulfilled that criteria then you could attend a session. So, if you are in the pool you should make sure your email is current because that is how I was notified.
  7. by   AkAtHrt
    Hi! So, do you have the class info. that you need to take this summer? Did you happen to know what the traditional program looks like in general? Maybe not specifically the upcoming schedule? Thanks
  8. by   mrs sodipo
    i am a current nursing student block 3 so i called the advisor to ask them and they said to attend a session that they will look into it after i have applied so you see i dont have access to the email cos im not on the pool....the next one is april 12 ,where was the location for the session you attended may be i can call to confirm
  9. by   flutterby230
    The concurrent program is only for students who are NOT already in the nursing program. You start in block 1.
  10. by   BSN_BOUND
    Let us know how you are doing. I'm hoping to get into the Spring Program (if they have it). I am pregnant and due the first day of class so no Fall start for me.

    Let us all know!! Good Luck!
  11. by   ReeRee86
    Does anyone know how they are placing people into this program? Is it a separate wait list from the Maricopa Community College wait list that has over 2600 people on it? If so, does anyone have any idea how long the wait is to start this program (assuming completion of all course work)?

    Here is a link about the program for those who were wondering about the classes and what the schedule would be like: http://www.gccaz.edu/nursing/15151.htm
  12. by   BSN_BOUND
    ReeRee- Everyone that is on the wait-list at a Maricopa Community College received the email. Make sure your email address is up to date or check your gmail account through the college.
  13. by   jsr210
    just wondering what your timestamp was to get accepted into this program? and how you are expected to attend both nau and gcc at the same time?

    any info would be greatly appreciated
  14. by   BSN_BOUND
    If you are on the Maricopa Community College wait list you should have just received an email regarding the new program options. There isn't really a wait list per say. It's more so if you meet all the requirements.
    Check your status page for more info. It's up.

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