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Hello everyone, My name is Tony and I am currently a Pre-Nursing student. I am less than a year away from completing all of my Nursing prerequisites for the BSN program at Arizona State University as well as at Chamberlain... Read More

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    You might want to check with an advisor at GCU as well. If your gpa is high, they offer a scholarship which makes them much more affordable then asu atm. Another thing to think about is asu's tuition is prolly going up up up soon.

    I was in the same position and after seeing my asu adviser a few weeks ago I crossed them off the list.

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    Hi to everyone that replied,

    Thank you kindly for your informative responses. The reason I have not responded back is because I have been in an accelerated CNA program at Arizona Medical Training Institute (AMTI, previously known as RSAA). As of today, I have completed my state boards exam, both the written and skills and am awaiting my scores (The waiting game SUCKS by the way haha).

    Anyway, thank you for your responses and I have decided to deal with the loans and go straight for the BSN. After all my prerequisites are completed I plan to apply to ASU, Chamberlain, GCU, and NAU.

    Are there any schools that you folks would recommend that you or someone you know went to? BSN or ADN, doesn't matter.

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