Fall 2013 ASU CEP

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    Has anyone heard if they got in yet?! I was told it would be a week, so I know I'm jumping the gun at just 3 days but I'm getting antsy

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    Have you heard anything yet?
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    Nope. I checked the maricopa site and it says placements won't be until the end of the month. Should I have heard? I swear I'm not neurotic or anything
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    I am not sure but I know someone already got their acceptance letter from EMCC for the NAU CEP.
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    Well that makes me a bit nervous. They told me that I don't really have anything to worry about but each day I don't hear back my hopes and dreams fizzle out a little.
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    I think you'll be fine with ASU not that many people applied I think because of the price and that it was only offered at one school. NAU had so many applicants so I am getting nervous!
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    True. Plus my GPA is 3.5 (would be 4.0 but I took bio201 and 202 online and then retook them in person and got a better grade. Darn asu and their first attempt grade rules) and HESI scores were awesome. I just hate not knowing. Don't they know how mean it is I mean, we already waited so long before they even HAD the asu cep option.
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    Well good luck and post when you hear the good news!
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    Thanks! Still waiting :-/ would I be too crazy to call on Monday?
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    I just got my acceptance email!!! Wahoo!!!

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