Fall 2013 ASU CEP

  1. Has anyone heard if they got in yet?! I was told it would be a week, so I know I'm jumping the gun at just 3 days but I'm getting antsy
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  3. by   Brl09
    Have you heard anything yet?
  4. by   vflipo
    Nope. I checked the maricopa site and it says placements won't be until the end of the month. Should I have heard? I swear I'm not neurotic or anything
  5. by   Brl09
    I am not sure but I know someone already got their acceptance letter from EMCC for the NAU CEP.
  6. by   vflipo
    Well that makes me a bit nervous. They told me that I don't really have anything to worry about but each day I don't hear back my hopes and dreams fizzle out a little.
  7. by   Brl09
    I think you'll be fine with ASU not that many people applied I think because of the price and that it was only offered at one school. NAU had so many applicants so I am getting nervous!
  8. by   vflipo
    True. Plus my GPA is 3.5 (would be 4.0 but I took bio201 and 202 online and then retook them in person and got a better grade. Darn asu and their first attempt grade rules) and HESI scores were awesome. I just hate not knowing. Don't they know how mean it is I mean, we already waited so long before they even HAD the asu cep option.
  9. by   Brl09
    Well good luck and post when you hear the good news!
  10. by   vflipo
    Thanks! Still waiting :-/ would I be too crazy to call on Monday?
  11. by   vflipo
    I just got my acceptance email!!! Wahoo!!!
  12. by   Brl09
    Congrats! It's super nerve racking till that email comes through!! Good luck!