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    I was wondering if anyone is currently enrolled into the nursing program for Estrella Mountain Community College for the 2nd block? I start block one in less then 3 weeks and i had a question. For this block, the total amount of cost for books is a little under $1,100! Will i need to purchase this many books each block or is this a one time thing? Also, i would like to know any tips or advice you might have to help me get through this first block. Any information would be great!
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    I'm wondering this too... Does anyone have any info?
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    i am starting my first block there as well. i was advised to transfer by some nurses who knows about the schools program which worries me a little. especially since i know ---- who works there gave me a lot of false information. i think it will be fine though. they will go over which books you need and which ones can wait in orientation so i wouldn't worry too much
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    No (Just purchase whatever books that are required for that block )unless you want to purchases all of them at one time ,so you can get a chance to look over some before class starts.-IF you still feel unsure just contact or walk-in and ask for what books to purchase for what blocks