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I just got into the Fall traditional schedule for Chandler Gilbert community college. Can anyone give me some insight about the program? How they did and how the professors are or what Block one schedule is like. Any... Read More

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    Yes looks like we will be starting there together. I still am not fully ready. I have to get books and scrubs still. Are you all ready? I guess we will be worried together. I do not know anyone else that is starting. You can email me. if you want.


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    I bought my books, scrubs, and shoes. Scrubs are washed and ironed. I am ready to start.
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    Wow that is great you are on it. I have two kids so I have been busy this summer. I am still working and going to be quitting next week to stay home and then I will finish up all my shopping for school.

    Well atleast I guess we are both entering the unknown and hopefully we will do well! I am excited to atleast be getting started soon.

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    I only went to CGCC for block 3 and block 4. I actually got into block 3 because of the lawsuit drama.

    Compared to the experience I had 6 years prior at Gateway in the LPN program, I think CGCC is a great program. The teachers actually work in the nursing field and one of them works to help develop NCLEX test questions.

    Yeah, it's difficult. I think it's very fair and, in fact, at the end of each block we were asked to meet with the director so we could give her our feed back about the instructors, the learning resources, and whatever other questions or concerns we have.

    CGCC has one of the highest NCLEX pass rates of any school in the state- including bachelors' programs.

    And let's be honest- nursing school sucks, it's stressful and consumes your life, no matter where you go.
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