Can you work in Arizona as a CNA with a DUII on your record?

  1. Hello everyone!
    I'm in need of help!!! I'm currently living in Oregon and I've been a CNA 2 (Acute care) since 2009. In May of 2012 I recieved a DUII which is a mis. In the state, I was fired from my job after my charge because in the state of Oregon (not the state board of Nursing) I'm classified as a hazard to the elderly even though I have never had anything against my CNA certificate. NOTHING, I've had employers tell me they'd hire me back once this was all cleared up. They keep denying me job after job because of my background check. I have family that lives in Arizona and I'm in the prosses of transferring my CNA certificate from Oregon to Arizona. My question is can I and will I pass my background check for a CNA job in the state of Oregon?? Thank you for the help! Means a lot to me!
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  3. by   mickie01
    I don't know how it works with transferring your CNA to AZ with a DUI. I know when I received a DUI I was working at a major hospital as a CNA. I had to report my charge to the BON within 10 days. Then I had to send them a filled out questionnaire about what happened, my police report and all my court documents. They then did an investigation (almost took a year for mine) and I had to go to the BON meeting. Since my BAC was so high they are having me get an alcohol evaluation (even though my DUI was back in 2011... I guess the investigation process takes a long time). I should still be able to work as a CNA and also get my RN but I am still unsure of what they will do (maybe letter of concern or a stayed revocation or suspension meaning i can work as long as I follow the stipulations...if i don't my CNA will get revoked or suspended). I am also in a BSN program and they have been very helpful with this whole process. I guess just be completely honest and do not try to hide anything!!!!! If you google AZBON DUI you can find this PDF called "ALCOHOL AND/OR DRUGS INVESTIGATIVE AND DISCIPLINARY GUIDELINES" and it will give you some insight of what they may do. Now finding a CNA job on the other hand... I am not sure. I was honest with my employer and they allowed me to stay there as a CNA.