BIO 205 online 8 week summer session at Phoenix College

  1. did anyone take bio 205 8 week session online at phoenix college? how was it?

    which one is more challenging bio 205 online or bio 202 online?

    i recently took bio 202 16 weeks session online at pc (it was challenging but doable) and now i am thinking of taking bio 205 online during the summer. i kind of like taking my classes online (it is much convenient), but i worry that the 8 week session will be too much in such a short time and that i won't be able to finish it with high grade.
    how many hours did you put into studying?
    it will be the only class i will be taking at the time and i am not working but i am a new mom to a 7 month old and i've been told that we are going to have guests staying with us for a weekend while i'll be taking the class.

    any thoughts, insights or advises will be appreciated.

    thank you
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  3. by   Whistle
    I was thinking the same thing, I'm currently taking BIO 201 online through PC and although it is difficult I enjoy it. I hope someone answers this thread, I'll be following it...
  4. by   CinDRnyc
    I took BIO 201 online at PC and in BIO 202 online at PC this semester. Also finishing up BIO 205 at Rio Salado which I started in November (taking the final in 2 weeks). If it was your only course it's probably doable but my 205 course is 16 weeks but I am also taking 5 other classes so in retrospect you could probably do it in 8 weeks. Micro is a lot of information but I'm guessing the PC format may be easier versus other schools. Can you find the syllabus to see what is required?
  5. by   lovebug4002
    Phoenix College's online BIO 205 is hybrid, not sure if it was a few semesters ago. Now you have to go in for the lab portion of the class! I wish is was strictly online! Would help me since I am out of state due to military!
  6. by   MeredithW
    Is this course COMPLETELY ONLINE? Tests and everything? or do you have to go in for exams or proctoring?
  7. by   mrsboots87
    Quote from MeredithW
    Is this course COMPLETELY ONLINE? Tests and everything? or do you have to go in for exams or proctoring?
    Unless things have changed in the last 2 years, the tests should be online at home. I took BIO 156 through PC and it was completely online. All tests were timed though. So you may have time to look up a few answers if you are unsure of the answers but not many if you want to complete the test. But it is more convenient for those who cant make it to the testing center for proctoring. You can email the instructor of the class you are interested in and ask them if it is a completely online course. They will answer.